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Multiple Locations
Map Spreadsheet Use our "Bulk Add Tool" to Upload a spreadsheet data file to create a map list.
Customers List
Customers List Help your Sales Team to sell more products locating your current and potential customers.
Corporate Maps
Corporate Maps Create a map for your business; pin point your contact list and share it with your associates.
Password Protect
Password Protect When you share a map you can restrict access to it, so only the people you want can see it.
Research & Learning
Research & Learning Another way to use pinmaps is to create maps for educational or research projects.
Convert to PDF
Convert to PDF We offer an array of settings that allow you to convert your map to an Image or PDF document.
Convert to Images
Email and Share Email a link to your shared maps or an individual map to your co-workers, family or friends.
The company that I work for requires that I visit 29 stores. I found you guys on line by Google. I was able to create a map and input all the address and it pin-pointed the locations and I mapped the address. I printed a wonderful map that is so very helpful!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I have a map with several locations pinned, and I like that I can edit a map point to change the color of a pin (i.e. I have 50 locations I need to visit, which are marked with a red pin, I visited 5 of them today and changed the color of those pins to green), so I know which locations I have already been visited.