Online maps to pin multiple locations

  • Create a map from a spreadsheet
  • Pin locations for your next trip
  • Create a map for research & learning
  • No ads. Secure SSL (HTTPS)
  • Simple, fast, and reliable
  • Lots of cool icons to pin the map
  • Drawing and lasso tools
  • Optimized waypoints directions
  • OpenStreetMap and other map layers
  • Password protect a shared map
  • Convert map to PDF or Image
  • US geographical boundaries
    How To

    Create a route
    between two pins

    Directions PinMap directions is a service that calculates directions between two locations.
    Options PinMaps offers the following directions modes where available:
    • Driving
    • Bicycling
    • Transit
    • Walking

    Create a route
    between two pins

    From your map points list

    Select a map point from the list and click the Set as Start Point

    Select a second map point from the list and click the Set as End Point

    Click the Get Directions button

    From the Get Directions Search box

    Click Get Directions link near the Search by Address link

    Enter a Start Point and End Point in the text box

    Click the Get Directions button

    Once you select directions between two points the result will be displayed here. Click the "Info" tab for more information.
    Geo Boundaries

    Map Geo-fencing

    Definition A Geo boundary is also call Geo-fencing; a Geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area.
    Benefits Our Geo-fencing online software allow users to define boundaries on top of a map view of a specific geographical area.
    Features PinMaps offers the following map boundaries:
    • US States
    • US Counties
    • US Zip Codes
    • US Cities
    • US School Districts
    You can add these "virtual perimeters" to your map using different colors.
    Once you add a "virtual perimeter from any of the lists, it will be automatically saved to you map.
    To change the color or delete it from the map, click within one of the virtual perimeters.
    Select Color:
      Show Boundaries for:
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