A pin map is a location on a map such as an address, or a landmark that is physically represented by an icon or marker.

Map Pin mapping software founded in 2007

Easy to use, but powerful data visualization software
And much more affordable than other paid mapping solutions

List of Features

  • Custom maps
  • Bulk Add Addresses from a Spreadsheet
  • Add multiple pins
  • Autocomplete places, locations and addresses
  • Cool different icon pin
  • Map Geofencing (US Zip Codes, Counties, Cities and School Districts)
  • Social Map Sharing
  • OpenStreetMap Layer
  • Street View Layer
  • Satellite Map Layer
  • Terrain Map Layer
  • Weather Map Layer
  • Heat maps
  • Secure SSL & No Ads
  • Password Protection
  • Pin's Clusters
  • Pin's Label Tags
  • Image & PDF Converter
  • Map RSS Feed
  • Map Drawing Tools
  • Custom Logo
  • Move & Copy Pins Tool
  • Map Widget