The original mapping software founded in 2007

Easy to use, but powerful data visualization software
And much more affordable than other paid mapping solutions

List of Features

  • Custom maps
  • Each map has its own map type and zoom level
  • Each map point has its own map type and zoom level
  • Add multiple pins
  • Autocomplete places, locations and addresses
  • Cool different pin icons
  • Add, Edit, Delete maps
  • Add, Edit, Delete map points
  • Map Geofencing (US Zip Codes, Counties, Cities and School Districts)
  • Social Map Sharing
  • Bulk Add Addresses
  • OpenStreetMap Layer
  • Street View Layer
  • Satellite Map Layer
  • Terrain Map Layer
  • Weather Map Layer
  • Heat maps
  • Secure SSL & No Ads
  • Password Protection
  • Pin's Clusters
  • Pin's Label Tags
  • Image & PDF Converter
  • Map RSS Feed
  • Map Filters
  • Map Drawing Tools
  • Custom Logo
  • Move & Copy Pins Tool
  • Map Widget

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